GP 500 Bike Racing

Posted by Abdul Rafay
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The Official FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Race Simulator. Get to grips with a 200 horsepower beast racing at break neck speeds! GP500 is the best ever action simulation of the world's premiere motorcycle racing championship. You'll feel you're sitting astride a racing powerhouse: a 500cc bike, the fastest accelerating and braking machine on earth, challenging 'real' riders across all the major world race locations. Features: - Compete in the full 1998 GP500 season, across Australia, Asia, Europe and South America - Look at the race from rider's eyes with full on-bike instruments including 'glance round' facilit - Experience a bike physics system tested by Kenny Roberts Jnr (the top US rider) and his Suzuki team mechanics - Featuring flowless location graphics: the stands, the advertising signs, the buildings and changeable weather - Take in all the ation using five superb camera angles and an exhaustive 'TV-style' race replay facility - Get important track advice from satellite television's Eurosport commentary team - Choose between the Full Simulation or Easy Handling modes - Adjust all set ups, using replays and telemetry, to suit your racing style; including engine configuration, gear change points, tyre selection and much more - Learn successful tactics, such as 'starting off', 'passing manoeuvres' and how to 'attack the track' to get those 'front of grid' times - Play it your way: the Quick Race fix, the Single Race challenge or the complete season Championship from start to finish - Race Multiplayer: 8+ players via LAN and Internet - The rider's racing styles, their leathers and helmets are all accurately reproduced - All in-game statistics and performance data are taken from the complete 1998 season - All Grand Prix tracks, scenery, and elevations are modelled for complete realism System Requirements: - Windows 95/98 - Pentium 200MHz - Memory 32Mb RAM - Video Card capable of 16 bit colour at 640x480 resolution - Double speed CDROM drive - 250Mb HD space - Windows compatible sound card - DirectX 6.0 drivers (including on the CD) - Direct3D compatible for 3D graphics accelerator - 28.8kbps modem or LAN for multiplayer game (Microprose: GP 500)




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