Clive Barker's Undying

Posted by Abdul Rafay
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Undying has superb graphics, truly impressive sound effects, and fast-paced, enjoyable action sequences. The entire game is very atmospheric, and a lot of fun to play.
Review Score: 9.1 | Release Date: Feb 21, 2001Media Fire Direct Link


Anonymous said...

rafay is god
problem : downloaded undying, unzipped parts w 7 zip fine...but the password www.extreme-gamerz.blogspot.com will not work to open the winrar files
please post either new password or correct one thanx

Abdul Rafay said...

Try www.gamehousevn.com or www.netkingvn.com
as the password.

frustrated but appreciative said...

thanks mr rafay...for quick response
i tried both cracks..also tried the original and a couple of others too...both typed them in letter by letter and copy and pasted them all...also checked for no caps lock etc....still no luck...maybe its something besides the pass, but everything works fine up till winrar pass is needed...
ill just play another game.....
just posting here for others in case they run into same problem...thanx

Abdul Rafay said...


sorry for inconvenience caused before.

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