Just Cause 2

Posted by Abdul Rafay
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Rico heads to the South Pacific island of Panau for his latest parachuting adventure. Notable features of Just Cause 2 include the dual-grappling hook, which gives players the ability to tether objects to each other.
Release Date: Mar 23, 2010
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Direct Link


Direct Link


Media Fire Direct Link

-Unlocking Password-


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Anonymous said...

i downloaded the iso from the first link
and i ran the install but steam keeps asking me for a activation code

plz help
thank you in advance

Abdul Rafay said...

try downloading from other links

Anonymous said...

ok and it never asked me for a password
im guessing thats a good thing
also what is the repack for?

Unknown said...

I downloaded the repack and it won't work, and the 1st direct link wont work, and the other 2 direct links say the file can't be found. So my question is, any suggestions on how to fix the one I have

Anonymous said...

Downloads are down :(

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