Shogun 2: Total War

Posted by Abdul Rafay
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Shogun 2: Total War returns to Feudal Japan 10 years after the release of the original Shogun: Total War. It refines the original formula with a new AI and more online functionality.
Review Score: 9.0 | Release Date: Mar 15, 2011 Media Fire Direct Link


Media Fire Direct Link


Media Fire Direct Link


Media Fire Direct Link


Italia said...

It was a perfectly balanced game that combined turn-based strategic decisions with real time battles in a beautiful interface made in the style of medieval Japanese artworks.
The game was based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategist, who believed in the indirect approach: search for comparative advantages, use your forces with economy, surprise and deceive, and only fight limited wars. The medieval Japanese setting (relatively small armies made up from a limited number of distinct units fighting on different terrains), served as the perfect substrate to implement these strategies.
I have played every single Total War game since and they were all a joy to experience - yet nothing surpassed to the first Shogun. Until now.

moneygrows said...

reupload please!

Anonymous said...

dead link

Anonymous said...

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